What we do

Valitacell develops biotechnology which allows companies to deliver faster and cheaper processing of bio-therapeutic drugs. Our assays are robust, well characterised, and allow our users to deliver a quality product in a shorter time at a lower cost, with greater regulatory confidence. With Valitacell technology you can reduce your cell line selection process by up to 50%, accellerating clone selection with greater simplicity and tighter regulatory control.  Valitacell is headquartered in Dublin, at the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT).


Valitacell Technologies Can Cut The Cell Line Development Pathway By Up To 50%

Valitacell products are based on two technology platforms: ChemStress Fingerprinting and Fluorescence Polarisation

The ChemStress fingerprint assays can be used at various different stages during cell line development to shorten the drug production timeline by months. ChemStress fingerprinting has four product-specific applications; 

The Fluorescence Polarisation platform is used for Product Quantification. The FP technology underpins two products;