Valitacell and Solentim announce collaboration to accelerate discovery and development of biologic drugs and advanced cell therapies

NEWS – DUBLIN & BOURNEMOUTH, 21st February 2019: Valitacell, a biotechnology company transforming cell-based manufacturing, and Solentim, a global leader in cell line development instrumentation, today announce a new collaboration to enable earlier identification of biological candidates and to accelerate the development of breakthrough medicines. Valitacell’s novel in-line analytical profiling technologies and its data driven/machine learning approach, together with Solentim’s innovative image-driven liquid handling and cell measurement technology, will transform current workflows, creating a streamlined, automated platform which synergises precise cell manipulations, attribute-rich profiling of clones and earlier decision making.

"This collaboration combines our expertise in both biotherapeutics and emergent cellular therapy, and will optimise the process of drug discovery. We look forward to working in partnership with Solentim as we continue to discover and develop life-saving medicines that improve patients’ lives", said Dr. Terry McWade, CEO of Valitacell.

Dr Ian Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer of Solentim, added, “We are delighted to be collaborating with Valitacell – this combination of technologies will provide a further component to our unique integrated solution for accelerating stable cell line development workflows. It will provide significant benefits for richer clone information and earlier decision-making on the best candidates to progress.

Further details of the collaboration will be announced in the coming weeks.