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10 October 2019

Register now for our upcoming webinar.

We are delighted to be hosting a joint webinar with Andrew Alliance today October 10th to discuss the automation of our technology. Follow the link to register -

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11 Sept 2019

We have arrived at BPI Boston 2019!

Don’t forget to stop by and chat with our Valita®TITER and Valita®PROFILER experts Dr Hannah Byrne and Dr Paul Dobson, we hope to see you over the next couple of days. Join Professor David James' who will be presenting 'Engineering CHO Cells: How to Herd Cats', at 8:15 on Thursday in the Cell Culture and Upstream Processing track.

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04 Sept 2019

Announcing Generation II Valita®TITER & Valita®TITER Plus

We are excited to introduce the next generation of Valita®TITER products. Now users can mix, read, and have an instant result with the generation II Valita®TITER and Valita®TITER Plus assays.

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03 Sept 2019

Announcing Japanese patent approval

We're happy to announce the Japanese Patent approval for our technology: 'A method of predicting relative fed batch production titer of a panel of clonally - derived producer cells'.

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15 Aug 2019

Announcing patent approval for Quantum technology

We're announcing European Patent approval for our nanobody fluorphore, 'A method of determining the abundance of a target molecule in a sample'.

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12 Aug 2019

Visit us in Boston at KNECT365’s Bioprocess International conference, booth 519

Join Valitacell's team where you can speak to one of our product specialists about our novel analytical technologies.

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4 July 2019

Announcing another patent approval for ChemStress Fingerprinting technology

We're announcing the European Patent approval for our ChemStress Fingerprinting technology 'A method of determining a compositional or functional characteristic of cell culture media'. Great news as continued growth in the cell culture media market is predicted (via link).

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01 July 2019

Join our team! We’re hiring an innovation associate.

We are working to integrate our disruptive platform technologies into diverse manufacturing systems in combination with live cell imaging applications and are seeking to hire an experienced innovation associate with specialist experience in live cell imaging systems. For more details and how to submit a CV:

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27 June 2019

Join us at SLAS Europe!

We're at SLASEurope19 (Island 3) along with Tecan. Join us to discover how our technology, and Tecan's detection and liquidhandling automaton instrumentation and will allow you to simplify antibody titer quantification workflow!

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31 May 2019

Valitacell announce another patent approval

We are delighted to announce another patent approval from the Chinese Patent Office for a method of measuring antibody concentration in a sample.

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25 May 2019

Valitacell welcome Hong Kong Polytechnic University

We are delighted to joint host The Hong Kong Polytechnic University along with NIBRT National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training today for introduction & overview to biopharma in Ireland.

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15 May 2019

We’re at Bioproduction, Shanghai booth 14.

Don't miss our podium presentation with Carolanne Doherty, Ph.D. at 2.40. Visit us at booth 14, to talk to our product specialists.

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06 May 2019

New product launch! Visit us at ESACT, booth 067 or at one of our poster presentations.

Join Valitacell's team to find about about the all new Valita®PROFILER booth 067, or find us at one of our four posters. You can download our posters here.

Poster Presentations:

ESACT-320: ChemStress® Fingerprinting: A novel method of quality control for cell culture media

ESACT-381: Monitoring the cellular impact of CHO cell engineering using ChemStress® function profiling arrays

ESACT-395: High-Throughput Clone Ranking of Fc containing Recombinant Proteins in Cell Culture Supernatant by Fluorescence Polarisation Spectroscopy

ESACT-402: Clone Stability Assessment Using ChemStress® Function Profiling Arrays

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01 May 2019

Valitacell presenting at the upcoming Cell Line Development & Engineering meeting in Shanghai.

Join Valitacell's Carolanne Doherty, Ph.D. who will be presenting at the event on the 15th of May at 14.30, or drop by booth 14 to speak with our product specialists.

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25th Apr 2019

ESACT Poster Presentations

We're looking forward to the upcoming 26th ESACT meeting in Copenhagen where we will be presenting 4 posters. Drop by our booth 067 for a copy, or you can download a copy <here>

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17th Apr 2019

Valitacell announce launch of the all new Valita®PROFILER technology for faster, deeper cellular insights!

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NEWS – DUBLIN- 16th April 2019 - Valitacell announced today that they are launching the Valita®PROFILER analytical technology at the upcoming ESACT conference in Copenhagen, 5th - 8th May. The first product built upon Valitacell’s novel ChemStress® Fingerprinting platform - Valita®PROFILER - is a powerful cell analysis tool which uncovers how production cells work.

Every day scientists in bioproduction ask key questions to assess the performance attributes and stability of hundreds of clonally-derived cell populations in parallel. To understand how their cells work they typically need to run intricate experiments on specialised instruments requiring technical expertise. This takes time and costs money. Valita®PROFILER now offers scientists an integrated solution to deeply profile cells by their pathways and stress responses driving production performance.

The Valita®PROFILER integrated system of a cell assay and data analysis software delivers the best of three key attributes — simplicity, speed and deep information. The technology draws on the unique biological signatures a cell generates when grown in the presence of small molecule stressors selected to challenge key pathways and simulate specific stress responses. ChemStress® Fingerprinting technology can be used to assess cell stability over time, to detect cell function changes in continuous manufacturing, and to explore cell responses to media and genetic engineering.

Don’t miss Valita®PROFILER product expert Dr Paul Dobson who will be presenting 2 posters at ESACT on ‘Monitoring the cellular impact of CHO cell engineering using ChemStress® Fingerprinting function profiling arrays’ and ‘Clone Stability Assessment Using Chemstress® Fingerprinting Function Profiling Arrays’.


15th Apr 2019

Join our free webinar on how to automate your CQA assessments in bioprocessing

Join our free webinar on at 4pm CEST/8am PDT on the 25th of April 2019 on how to automate your bioprocessing CQA assessments with Valitacell's Quantum platform technology and Tecan's detection and automation hardware. Sign up <here>.

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03rd Apr 2019

Valitacell Present at BPI, Vienna

Excellent presentation today by expert Hannah Byrne at BPI Vienna. Drop by booth #90 to hear more about our technologies and the all new ValitaTITER PLUS assay!

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01st Apr 2019

Find us at BPI Vienna, Booth 90

Don't miss our podium presentation with Hannah Byrne, Ph.D. at 12.20. Visit us at booth 90, where we are demonstrating Valita®TITER & Valita®TITER PLUS automated workflow for a hands-free streamlined process using the Andrew robot from Andrew Alliance and the Spark plate reader from Tecan.

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01st Apr 2019

We’re Hiring!

Due to our continued expansion, we are looking to hire an enthusiastic, inspired, and skilled individual to join our multi-disciplinary team. We are seeking an Application Scientist to support the commercialisation of our Quantum technology platform in Europe. For more information on this exciting opportunity and the application process, see in full <here>.

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29th Mar 2019

BioProcess International, leaders in biopharmaceutical trends & analysis has featured our story on how we're advancing the cell line development process through the development of better decision making tools for early clone selection. Read the article in full <here>.

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28th Mar 2019

Trending Series: Valitacell Product Development in MSC Manufacturing

As work gets under way at the National University of Ireland this week we are highlighting Valitacell product development in the context of MSC manufacturing, cell therapy development and exosome production, including the design of an analytical toolkit to support greater product characterisation in the manufacture of cell therapies, and engineering the optimal liquid environment for this process. This work is being carried out under Prof. Frank Barry. Our product specialist Stephanie Davies explains cell therapy, exosomes and their potential impact on the treatment of disease.


28th Mar 2019

Valita®TITER PLUS Automated Workflow at BPI Vienna!

Join us at booth 90 where we will be demonstrating the Valita®TITER & Valita®TITER PLUS automated workflow for a hands-free streamlined process using the Andrew robot from Andrew Alliance and the Spark plate reader from Tecan. Don't miss our podium presentation with expert Hannah Byrne, Ph.D. on April 3rd at 12.30.

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27th Mar 2019

Valitacell and Solentim secure €3.5m funding to optimise the development of new biologics and cell therapies

Bournemouth, UK and Dublin, Ireland, 27th March 2019: Solentim and Valitacell announce a total of €3.5m funding to produce an integrated platform to deposit, culture, profile and select optimal cells for the manufacture of life-saving biological medicines. Building on the existing partnership between Valitacell and Solentim announced in February 2019, Microcoat Biotechnologies GmbH has joined the consortium to further strengthen manufacturing capability and scale.

Over the next 24 months Valitacell’s novel platform technology, Valita®PIX, along with Solentim’s proprietary instrumentation, will be deployed to create a unique system enabling the automation of data-driven analysis and selection of top clones during the biologic drug manufacturing process. The new platform technology comprises a hardware component enabling precision sample preparation, on-board imaging and sample tracking of clones and cell samples. When combined with a novel plate consumable, this technology will significantly improve ranking and selection of top clones for manufacturing. Selecting clones earlier will speed time to market, creating cost savings and ultimately accelerating access for patients to new medicines.

“Developing cell lines and protocols for the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals is an extremely lengthy process and hasn’t changed in 10 years” said Dr. Jerry Clifford, Valitacell COO. “By working in partnership with Microcoat and Solentim we are able to utilise our analytical solution, Valita®PIX, to enhance scalability and enable deep cell insights in the biomanufacturing process. This will transform and simplify an extremely complex process”.

“We are delighted to be working with Valitacell on this exciting collaboration. Valitacell’s novel assay plate technology enables determination of clone productivity in the cloning plates themselves. Previously, the removal of precious sample volume from the cloning plates for off-line analytics has largely been prohibitive. This novel technology negates the need to remove samples and, uniquely, facilitates an in-line measurement”, commented Dr Ian Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer of Solentim. “This complements our objective of creating a complete suite of products for cell line development, providing a simple turnkey solution for customers from transfection to early selection of best manufacturing clones based on their critical quality attributes”, added Dr Taylor.

The Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) is part of the EU Horizon 2020 programme and provides funding for close-to-market innovation activities in technology. The funding aims to reduce the time from idea to market and promote close-to-the-market innovation activities open to industry-driven consortia.

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20th Mar 2019

Valitacell Announce Launch of the New Valita®TITER PLUS!

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NEWS – DUBLIN - Valitacell, the biotechnology company accelerating the manufacture of biotherapeutics, announced today that they are launching the Valita®TITER PLUS assay at the upcoming Bioprocessing International Europe event. The extended range of the Quantum platform - Valita®TITER PLUS - can measure protein titer concentration across a wide dynamic range – while maintaining accuracy and speed.

Every day, researchers ask themselves a key question about their samples:  How much protein titer do I have? To get the answers, they typically need to run experiments on specialised instruments which wastes valuable time and sample. Valita®TITER PLUS now offers scientists a solution to measure antibody titer across a much wider dynamic range, from the same low-volume sample.

The Valita®TITER range of assays deliver the best of three key attributes — accuracy, simplicity and speed. With just 5 µL, Valita®TITER PLUS quantifies concentration in less than 2.5 minutes on a plate reader across concentrations of 50 – 2000 mg/L. Researchers working with a full plate can quantify 96 samples in less than 45 minutes. For heavy duty workflows, users can connect to a liquid handler to eliminate hands-on time. 

"We are delighted to bring this product to the market, which delivers IgG antibody protein quantification across a much broader dynamic range," said Jerry Clifford, COO at Valitacell. “Antibody titer is a key parameter that researchers must measure. ValitaTITER PLUS allows researchers to do this in a simple, speedy and high-throughput manner.”

Join Valitacell's product expert Hannah Byrne, Ph.D. who will be presenting on the technology at the upcoming BPI conference on the 3rd of April at 12.30 or visit us at booth 90.

10th Mar 2019

Valitacell Welcome IRC Fellow to Lead Media Design Platform for MSC Manufacturing

We are delighted to welcome IRC fellow Dr Marilina Piemontese to the team! Marilina was awarded the enterprise partnership postdoctoral fellowship to develop a novel media design platform for MSC manufacturing.

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06 Mar 2019

Valitacell is looking forward to presenting at this years Bioprocessing International meeting in Vienna.

Join Valitacell's Hannah Byrne, Ph.D. who will be presenting at the event on the 3rd of April at 12.30, or drop by our booth 90!

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21 Feb 2019

Valitacell and Solentim announce collaboration to accelerate discovery and development of biologic drugs and advanced cell therapies

NEWS – DUBLIN & BOURNEMOUTH, 21st February 2019: Valitacell, a biotechnology company transforming cell-based manufacturing, and Solentim, a global leader in cell line development instrumentation, today announce a new collaboration to enable earlier identification of biological candidates and to accelerate the development of breakthrough medicines.

Valitacell’s novel in-line analytical profiling technologies and its data driven/machine learning approach, together with Solentim’s innovative image-driven liquid handling and cell measurement technology, will transform current workflows, creating a streamlined, automated platform which synergises precise cell manipulations, attribute-rich profiling of clones and earlier decision making.

"This collaboration combines our expertise in both biotherapeutics and emergent cellular therapy, and will optimise the process of drug discovery. We look forward to working in partnership with Solentim as we continue to discover and develop life-saving medicines that improve patients’ lives", said Dr. Terry McWade, CEO of Valitacell.

Dr Ian Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer of Solentim, added, “We are delighted to be collaborating with Valitacell – this combination of technologies will provide a further component to our unique integrated solution for accelerating stable cell line development workflows. It will provide significant benefits for richer clone information and earlier decision-making on the best candidates to progress.

Further details of the collaboration will be announced in the coming weeks.

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06 Feb 2019

Valitacell Ltd and Andrew Alliance SA Collaborate to Automate Critical Aspects of Cell Line Development

Valitacell are excited to announce the strategic partnership with Andrew Alliance to automate critical aspects of the cell line development pathway & efficiently optimize laboratory processes to make intelligent, data driven decisions during the drug development process. Read the full press release here.

05 Feb 2019

We are pleased to feature in the NIBRT 2018 annual report as industry-aligned research collaborators, amongst leaders such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, Siemens and Kerry. You can download the full report below.

04 Feb 2018

Valitacell Trending Series: Automation in Biopharma

Our suite of technologies are fully automatable to enable optimised workflows, that’s why we are shining a light on the growing opportunities in bioprocess automation, as biotherapeutic manufacturers consider their automation strategy. . Watch Valitacell expert Dr Hannah Byrne discuss how automation is changing drug manufacturing as we know it.


07 Jan 2018

We’re delighted to announce another patent approval - this time for the Quantum platform - ValitaTITER which can now quantify up to 1.5 g/L of antibody!

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11 Dec 2018

We're looking forward to presenting at this years ACTIP meeting in Stockholm. The event covers cutting-edge developments in research and production related to animal cell technology.

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06 Dec 2018

Check out our recent publication on ChemStress Fingerprinting in the International Biopharmaceutical Industry Journal on how to introduce biomanufacturing process control.

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28 Nov 2018

Another Patent Approval! We're announcing the European patent approval for a method of determining a compositional or functional characteristic of cell culture media.

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Watch Valitacell expert Dr Karen Coss explain the current importance of cell culture media, the challenges that exist, bespoke media and how our ChemStress Fingerprinting technology can benefit the industry.

01 Nov 2018

We’re delighted to announce our Innovation partnership with NIBRT to innovate the way that life-saving medicines are made. The Enterprise Ireland co-funded initiative will help innovate the production of new biopharma therapies for patients.

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01 Nov 2018

Valitacell Trending Series: Cell Culture Media: Current challenges, bespoke media and ChemStress

Watch Valitacell expert Dr Karen Coss explain the current challenges that exist in the market, the role that bespoke media has to play and how Valitacell’s ChemStress technology can offer process control of the media environment.


12 Oct 2018

This week we’ve been hosting our UK team and advisors on-site for the Valitacell technical symposium!

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08 Oct 2018

Come meet us at the Bioproduction’s Bioanalytical and formulation Summit at Booth 62, don’t miss our podium presentation in the Cell Line Development and Engineering stream.

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21 Sept 2018

Catch Valitacell CEO Dr Terry mcWade - presenting at the EIC innovators summit in Berlin

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03 Sept 2018

We are looking forward to sponsoring the upcoming Bioproduction Congress in Dublin. Catch our talk on Monday the 8th of October at 10.30 with data expert Dr Paul Dobson.

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01 Sept 2018

Another Patent Approval! We're announcing the European patent approval for a method of predicting phenotypic instability in a cell.

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26 Aug 2018

Looking forward to The Bioprocessing Summit in Boston! Join us at booth 212 and don't miss our podium presentation!

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3 Jul 2018

Valitacell presents at the CALIN R&D and Innovation support for life sciences

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7 Jun 2018

Patent Approved! 

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17 May 2018

Thanks for visiting us at Cell Line Development & Engineering Asia, in Shanghai. 

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08 May 2018

Attending Cell Line Development & Engineering Asia in May? Join us at Booth 24, or at one of our selected podium and poster presentations.. 

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25 Apr 2018

Thanks for joining us at BPI Europe where our technical expert Dr Hannah Byrne presented our novel analytical technologies for cell line development.

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10 Apr 2018

Join us at Booth 93 at BPI Europe

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11 Mar 2018

Attending the Bioprocessing Summit? Join us at booth 11 or at one of our selected talks:

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26 Jan 2018

Tecan publish application note on the ValitaTITER assay - download here > Download

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16 Jan 2018

Molecular Devices publish application note on Streamlining the workflow for measuring IgG in cell line development using ValitaTITER

You can find out more by downloading the PDF here.

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27 Nov 2017

BMG Labtech publish application note on the ValitaTITER assay

Download the PDF here.

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15 Nov 2017

ValitaTITER featured in the Fall issue of BioTek TekTalk series

Catch up on the latest issue here .

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6 Oct 2017

Valitacell awarded 'Pharma Start-up of the year' by the Irish Pharma Awards

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19 Sept 2017

Valitacell will be exhibiting at biotech week boston booth #1027

Catch us at BPI booth #1027 or check out Professor David James' talk on Sept. 28th at 8.15am on 'How to harness & measure CHO cell genetic and functional instability for improving cell factory performance'.


15 Sept 2017

Valitacell's ChemStress featured in GEN article on  'Solving the puzzle of cell culture optimization'

Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News GEN has featured Valitacells technology ChemStress in a recent article  on how 'assembling a jigsaw puzzle is not nearly as tricky as tricky as building a stable and productive bioprocess',  and how ChemStress is helping solve this problem. Read the article in full here.

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17 Aug 2017

Valitacell Publish paper in Analytical biochemistry

The publication entitled 'High-throughput quantitation of Fc-containing Recombinant Proteins in cell culture supernatant by fluorescence polarisation spectroscopy' can be downloaded in full here

15 Aug 2017

Valitacell shortlisted for three prizes at the pharma awards

Valitacell has been nominated for three awards at this years Pharma Awards

07 Aug 2017

valitacell are attending the Bioprocessing Summit, Boston, Find us at Booth #604 

Valitacell will be attending the 9th annual Bioprocessing Summit in Boston this year from the 21st - 25th August. Say hello!

17 Jul 2017

valitacell named Ones to Watch by business and finance 

Business and Finance has highlighted Valitacell as one of the top movers and shakers in the country. Read full profile here. 


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