IgG Quantification

Rapid, cost-effective, on-demand IgG measurement.

The ValitaTITER IgG assay provides a rapid, simple cost-effective solution to measure IgG and Fc-containing proteins using Fluorescence Polarisation. A single 96-well ValitaTITER plate can be prepared in 12 minutes and read on a plate reader in 2.5 minutes. The ValitaTITER does not require complex sample preparation steps and can be performed with basic technical training. 




Antibody titer quantitation is a crucial step at many stages in cell line selection and optimization of bioreactor titers during bioprocessing. Current workflows, including HPLC, Octet®, and HTRF  have major drawbacks, which include labour-intensive, costly methods and long analysis times. Get in touch for a ValitaTITER demo:


The ValitaTITER products have been extensively beta tested at several sites. ValitaTITER has high correlation with HPLC, Octet and HTRF.



Assay CV < 2% 

Wide Dynamic Range of 0.5-6 mg/L (ValitaTITER HS) and 2.5-80 mg/L (ValitaTITER)


Easy to use

No complex sample preparation steps

Low sample volume & highly reproducible 


High Throughput- A single 96-well plate can be read on a plate reader in 2.5 minutes

ValitaAPP software is readily integratable into existing data management systems

Fully Automatable


technology Platform: fluorescence Polarisation

Our product quantification products are based on the fluorescence polarisation technology. Fluorescence polarisation simplifies product titer measurement, eliminating the need for complex, expensive alternatives. 

1) The Fluorescence Polarisation plate is coated with a fluorescently labelled IgG-binding peptide. 2) When the IgG sample is added, it binds to the fluorescently labelled peptide 3) Binding is detected using fluorescence polarisation

Our product quantification products are fully automatable, thereby allowing fully scalable workflows. The assay is based on the principle that small molecules rotate faster than larger molecules and the rotation rate can be determined by fluorescence polarisatoin to measure product titre with exceptional ease and reproducibility. Instructions for use can be downloaded here: ValitaTITER IFU; and here ValitaTITER HS IFU.