Technical Papers & Instructions for Use (IFU)


Technical Papers

High-throughput quantitation of Fc-containing recombinant proteins in cell culture supernatant by fluorescence polarization spectroscopy

ValitaID: CHO Cell Clone Identification and Tracking Using Functional Phenotype Array Profiling

ValitaTITER: High-Throughput Quantification of Fc-containing Recombinant Proteins in Cell Culture Supernatant by Fluorescence Polarisation Spectroscopy

ValitaSTABILITY: CHO Cell Clone Stability Assessment Using Functional Phenotype Array Profiling

ValitaDESIGN: Design of Bespoke Media Environments for Enhanced CHO Production Performance


Instructions for Use (IFU)

ValitaTITER: Instructions for Use

ValitaTITER HS: Instructions for Use



ValitaTITER: One pager brochure