Cell Profiling · Predict Stability · Confirm Identity · Control Media Lot Variation

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At Valitacell, we recognise the value that exists in process control of cell based manufacturing systems. That's why we've developed ChemStress Fingerprinting - a novel platform technology which characterises cells using a panel of specific, small molecule chemical stressors and combines this with deep learning and AI to achieve the highest levels of bioprocess performance.



The Valita®STABILITY assay allows for rapid, low cost stability assessment using ChemStress Fingerprinting. In trials at industry sites we have demonstrated that Valita®STABILITY can be used to predict a clones stability status, and thus deliver  significant benefits over existing technologies. 



The Valita®QC assay applies ChemStress Fingerprinting for rapid quality control testing of media batches. Valita®QC can be used to detect poor quality media batches in comparison with an accepted reference lot. Valita®QC works on the basis that a cell clone and media combination has a highly unique stress response fingerprint, and any change in the fingerprint is due to changes in media formulation.  


The Valita®PROFILE assay applies ChemStress Fingerprinting to rank clones in a population which allows users to rapidly and easily shortlist clones based on moderate and extreme behaviour. Valita®PROFILE is used to identify ‘extreme’ clones likely to struggle to maintain performance over a long period of time.



The Valita®ID assay allows users to uniquely identify cell lines with resolution down to the clonal level, to reliably discriminate & indicate instability when a clone becomes non-self.  Valita®ID enables rapid traceability while at the same time providing the highest levels of quality assurance.