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Biotechnology to accelerate the manufacture of life-saving medicine


Accelerating the Manufacture of Life-Saving Medicines

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Valitacell brings together a knowledge of bioprocessing with deep learning and predictive analytics to offer a new level of bioprocess performance.


We make life-saving medicines accessible by transforming cell based manufacturing. Explore our three product platforms.



Quantify antibody titer, detect protein aggregation, glycosylation profiling and HCP with fluorescence polarization technology. All in a mere matter of minutes.


Introducing new level of control to your process. Pick the best clones, confirm the identity, stability, and functionality of cells with our novel, analytical platform which offers process control with the smartest analytics.


Apply Liquid engineering to the cell culture media environment: strategically supplement the users own cell culture media environments using bioactive small molecule chemicals, for increased titer and growth. 


Begin With The End In Mind

Our featured Quantum platform is based on fluorescence polarization technology and has applications in titer quantification, protein  aggregation detection, glycosylation profiling and HCP detection. All in a mere matter of minutes! 

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